From the Cooking Channel To Jewelry

About Karen Moran Designs Fine Gemstone Jewelry

About Karen M Designs | Sustainable Sparkle

Hand-crafting one of a kind jewelry from ethically sourced precious metals and colorful mine to market gems.

For almost a decade I owned a Cooking Channel, Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides, blah, blah, blah featured mobile bakery and bar service in Charleston, SC. catered over 300 private events with James Beard winning chefs, Darius Rucker, Bill Murray, Elle King and the list continues.

BravoTV even made a gif of my eye rolls at the antics going down right in front of me while shooting and episode of Southern Charm.

​While I absolutely loved what I created - I did not love my ever expanding waistline that went along with 70-90 hour work weeks and taste testing every cookie, cupcake and cocktail that went out the door.

It was during COVID, I like a lot of you, opted for a quality of life. 

And so I sold off my business assets, stopped drinking alcohol, lost five inches from my no longer expanding waistline and picked up an artistic love that's been dormant since my early 20s.

I spend hours sources the best quality gems from Australia, India, Japan, hand-forging gold earrings and wire-wrapped necklaces from scratch, custom dying silk and painstakingly hand-knotting each and every precious and semiprecious gemstone. There is nothing more rewarding, flattering and humbling than having a stranger stop you to compliment a necklace...and then place an order right there.

Sometimes I guess you have to get back to where you started from, to know exactly where you want to be.

I personally hand-knot each gem with a passion and inspiration from my coastal surroundings. I hope you see the love and care in each piece I create.

Karen Moran
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